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Crafting an Experience

Helping a startup scale and maintain connections.

The Problem

Crafty, a rapidly growing startup offering kegerators and break room solutions for offices, was experiencing growing pains. Crafty’s co-founders were making spontaneous decisions without clear guiding principles, and wanted to streamline their online marketplace so they could focus on personalized customer service. Through interviews, research, and workshops, we provided a future roadmap, a full website redesign, and a framework for making future decisions.

Time Frame and Role

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As part of a team of four designers working within an agile framework, I co-led the communication strategy, wire framing, creation of high-fidelity mockups, and competitive analysis portions of the project.

Crafty's Expansion

In two years’ time, Crafty went from only delivering kegs to providing full service breakroom solutions, bartending office happy hours, and offering kitchen equipment maintenance. Renowned for its customer service, each expansion provided Crafty with great, new opportunities; but Crafty also faced a challenge in maintaining a coherent look and feel to their website.

Crafty Website

The Crafty online marketplace had some immediately evident problems:

  • Multiple options to search and refine by type.
  • Searches results that display no findings.
  • Multiple tabs that silo the search of beer, coffee, and wine kegs.
  • A shopping cart with high pagination.
  • A changing daily menu of over 1000 items.
image of crafty website


Research Approach

We wanted to understand the current ecosystem surrounding Crafty: their competition, workplace culture, and customers. We interviewed office managers – Crafty’s main customers – as well as Crafty stakeholders to gain insights about their processes of placing and receiving orders.

Competitive Analysis

Crafty is set apart from their competition because they offer both custom delivery options and full service kitchen and breakroom solutions.

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User Golden Cirlce

We helped Crafty identify their core mission: To create cohesive offices that assists in employee retention through seamless facilitation of food, drinks and amenities.

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An Era Analysis - A history of the office.

We used an era analysis to show Crafty how they fit within the ever-changing office landscape. We found that Crafty’s competitive advantage isn’t their ability to sell beer; it is about making an experience something you want to be a part of.

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Office Manager Interviews and Journey Maps

We conducted five user interviews with office managers of mid-size companies (100 to 200 employees) who were placing orders more than twice a month. We had them map their journey from before they started the office ordering process to the time they received the products. The journey maps helped us to find the pain points in the ordering process and determine areas of improvement specifically on the website.

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The users struggled with the ordering process but were very complimentary of Crafty’s customer service. The bulk of the problems stemmed from having to manually search for items and multiple pagination when reviewing orders.

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Office Managers Insights

  • Office managers seek community approval before purchasing beer.
  • Office managers struggle with decision fatigue when tasked with selecting services and amenities.
  • Office managers need to feel personally supported by their vendors or they will look to other options.

Crafty Insights

  • Crafty built their brand through face to face relationships, and is struggling to maintain that connection.
  • Crafty is making decisions on the fly without a cohesive strategy to guide decisions.
  • Crafty is providing a valuable service but they are not influencing the experiences they help create.

Design Principles

Tying It Together

We knew office managers were extremely happy with the Crafty customer service but any decisions Crafty made moving forward needed to use the website like an employee.

The Ideal Office Manager Experience

the ideal donor journey

Solutions should...

the ideal donor journey

Deliverable #1

Guiding Decisions Cards

o Since Crafty was making spontaneous decisions, we produced a series of cards that Crafty could use as a lens to help focus idea generation moving forward. The cards were designed to help Crafty make decisions that aligned with their guiding principles: "leverage the craft experience", "personalize connections", and "align their business" with the culture of their clients. The cover card included a “round robin” exercise framework for decision-making.

affinity map

Leverage the Craft Experience

Crafty is offering a unique office experience and they should leverage user interactions to reflect the Crafty experience.

communication card

Personalize Connections

Office managers love the Crafty experience because of the individual attention. This personal relationship needs to remain as Crafty grows.

communication card

Align with Company Culture

Crafty must consider how to fit within each client’s unique company culture.

communication card

Deliverable #2


Maintaining the Crafty look and feel was important to their clients so we used Crafty's style guide as a starting point. Since existing customers enter directly into the marketplace the homepage needed to communicate the offerings to new customers. We added:

  • Global dynamic search navigation.
  • Popular categories tab bar
  • Expanding product description on click
  • Three step checkout process.
  • Interactions that provide feedback
  • Beer poll for office employees
  • Ability to sort by size
  • Whitespace to alleviate decision fatigue
  • Shopping cart that paginates at 25 items, rather than 3.
  • Ability to set default preferences
  • Repeat purchase button
  • Ability to reserve out of stock items
paper sketch of feed

Homepage (Low Fidelity)

wireframe image of feed

Homepage (Wireframe)

high fidelity image of feed

Homepage (High Fidelity)

Testers Said

  • "I didn’t pick Crafty because of the product, I picked them because of their passion for service."-Shari (Noggin Labs)
  • "This is good because, if I want something quick I know I can go to here to the search bar." Precious (Power Reviews)
paper sketch of feed

Marketplace (Low Fidelity)

wireframe image of feed

Marketplace (Wireframe)

high fidelity image of feed

Marketplace (High Fidelity)

Testers Said

  • "I can simply shop and view cart without disrupting my shopping focus since we order so many kegs" -Brett (Yelp)
  • "Reserving products is very important to me. I know I can get the products I want even when out of stock."-Shari (Noggins Labs)
  • "I like to go back before I start my order and add previous items right to my cart." -Precious (Power Reviews)
  • "I know what I’m looking for, the new search process provides me with the quickest shortcut."" -Jim (Emmi Solutions
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Events (Low Fidelity)

wireframe image of profile

Events (Wireframe)

high fidelity image of profile

Events (High Fidelity)

Testers Said

  • "This form helps give me piece of mind that my request will be taken and someone will get back to me."-Sacremento (Rsise)
  • "I like the theme selection because I waste a lot of time figuring out what the party is going to be."-Sarah (Solstice)
  • "I like being able to see the different themes. Like if we did St Pattys day."-Precious (Power Reviews)
  • "In the past I emailed and said this is what I want to do for Corporate Challenge."" -Jim (Emmi Solutions

Next Steps

Deliverables and Feedback

Working with the Crafty team was an ideal client project. They were engaged and constantly looking to support our team through providing further engagement opportunities with their clients.

  • Craftys development team is phasing our solution in over the next several weeks.

"It was such a pleasure working with you all. We are so impressed by the incredible work you all did in such a short period of time!" -Nathan Rosenstock Crafty co-founder

What I Learned

Working with a client like Crafty allowed us to provide the best possible solution because of their willingness to let us provide value. If I was to do this project over again I would:

  • Iterate earlier and faster.
  • Testing our riskiest assumptions earlier is important to providing a well developed solution.
  • Prompt testers to talk more and develop prototypes that allow movement through test scenarios.