Ryan Ingebritson

UX Designer

Digital Artist

UX Solutions


Helping a startup scale and maintain connections.

Venmo for Charities

An opportunity to connect with friends and donate.

Toys Et Cetera

A toy store redesign where interaction is encouraged.

Digital Art


A collection of abstracts.


Testing space and color.


A collection of colors.


Hi I'm Ryan

A user experience designer and digital artist looking to make work that feels like great customer service. I want to help users navigate complex challenges in the digital space through providing people with the right information at the right time. In digital art I believe in recreating real-world qualities, such as texture and motion to help build great human experiences. In a nut shell, I am looking to help people focus on the small moment that create connections.

My recent education at General Assembly's User Experience Design course gave me practical skills in research, user testing, information architecture, and a comprehensive understanding of user flows. Before General Assembly I was working at Northwestern University doing project management, space planning, and technical customer service. This is how I became deeply aware of how people interact with interfaces.

My formal education was at the The School of the Art Institute. This is where I trained as an artist exploring color, texture, and depth in space. My goal is to merge my art practice with a study of interaction design.

image of ven diagram